I submitted my petition to remove conditions on residence in August 2012. To my great surprise, 8 months later, I received letter from USCIS, requesting further evidence. I didn't want to take a risk and decided to hire an immigration attorney. Attorney Zhak reviewed the package I submitted with USCIS and pointed out places where I made mistakes. She explained to me what USCIS expected and why and advised me what additional evidence I needed to obtain. Less than two weeks later, I found out through the USCIS website that my Petition was approved. They did not even require interview! Attorney Zhak spared me and my husband from many sleepless nights. I also believe that she saved me a great deal of money on legal fees, which I would possibly face if I would take a chance and submit the second package to USCIS on my own, and the USCIS would reject it. I highly recommend her.
- M.S.
I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for the excellent work you did. Your complete knowledge of the process was most impressive and I don't think anyone else could have done a more thorough job. You were very helpful with suggestions and attention to detail that simplified matters. I can't thank you enough for your very professional services. It was a pleasure to have met and worked with you.
- J.M.

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